How do I go about putting my request for an engraving message?

You can select the number of letters or logo from the drop down list during checkout when you place your order. and be sure to send us a message with your name and your order and we will gladly get that added on for you. Please do it ASAP. If the product has already been shipped out before we get the message, we won't be able to fulfill your late request.

We'd love to personalize your item with laser embossed initials / Quotes or Logo. Monogramming adds that little special touch that makes all the difference between just a wallet and a cherished gift.


What options do I need to specify for engraving?

You can Font Style ( Example : "Times New Roman") . Font Size ( Example : "13") . Font Layout ( Example : "Italics") . Position ( Example : "Bottom Right Corner") .

How are the engravings done?

We use 2 techniques for this purpose. 1). Laser Engraving - This type of engraving we use mainly on our leather bags and other leather accessories like passport covers, pencil cases etc. Here the engraving is done using lasers by focusing it on to the leather surface and burning it with a certain intensity level of the laser as per the customization needed. The laser beam melts the leather, producing high quality contrasting markings of almost any type of design. Your options are almost limitless when it comes to what you can engrave – anything from text to pictures are possible! 2). Hand Engraving - This type of engraving we use on our leather journals as it gives a vintage look and adds to the charm of the antique notebook. However, the engraving in this case is limited to only alphbets and numbers. No special characters or logos can be engraved. We can also laser engrave our journals as per your request, but for this you need to contact us first.

What if I need to change something on my order - what do I do?

This can be time-sensitive. Normally, we try to ship out your product as quick as we can so you can enjoy it earlier. We will wait 24 hours before we process your job. If you think you need to change something, contact us immediately to let us know. We will try our best to make any changes you requested, as long as it's in our hands. If the product has already been packaged and shipped out, we cannot do anything at that point.

I have several products I want to engrave, how do I go about doing that?

Well if that is the case, you have to make sure you specify in the messages what you want to engrave and on which item. Put the SKU of the item as well as the characters next to it in order to avoid confusion. You can also contact us if you feel like you need to put more details about what exactly you want.

Can you engrave more characters than the given limit?

Of course we can! But you need us to contact us first in that case.

Am I able to return or exchange the engraved items?

Unfortunately, any item that is engraved CANNOT be returned or exchanged. As much as we would love to accommodate your request, that will not be possible. Keep in mind the engraved product is made especially for you. And due to that, it would not be able to be returned or exchanged.